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The study skill and essay writing methods listed above on the menu are intended for average college students who want to manage high-intensity study and push their average essay grades to the top A1 decile to enable graduate school and higher education admission.

Academic Essays

Academic essay writing is focused on the question being addressed so it's important to clearly understand what your academic essay. Knowing your essay research and writing purpose will help you to avoid writing about interesting ideas that are totally irrelevant to the essay question!

A1 Essays

The 12 steps A1 Essay Writing Guide is a great way to avoid writing an irrelevant or weak academic essay. The 12 steps are sequential and should be followed step by step.

The 12 Steps

When you use this essay writing method you greatly increase your probability of writing top decile A1 college essays.

Start using the Essay Writing 12 Steps Method by joining a study group and attending the first group meeting where you will discuss the essay topic and agree how to spread the essay background research reading.

Using a standard Cornell Notes format the study group members prepare reading research notes ready for the second study group meeting. At the second meeting you discuss what each group member discovered during their research and prepare a group essay outline.

When you have the essay outline from the study group you work alone and write your essay 1st draft. The final steps are; adding citations, balancing the paragraphs, and adding new information, and correcting any grammar or typo errors.

Study Notes

Start with Dr. Pauk's Cornell Notes Method and build yourself a wide data resource pool that can be used for exams and essay writing.

Enjoy exams using the information you memorized with your Cornell Notes method of learning and pass with A1 grades.


Joining a study group and learning to generate synergy is a very effective method that top grade students often use to help them write top decile A1 grade essays and reports. See top menu for more. © 2014