College Essay Writing Tips for Students

College Essay Writing

Essay writing is made much easier and more fun when your work with 2-3 friends

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College Admission

Your college application Statement of Purpose essay has a business purpose. Include only relevant information and give compelling reasons why the college should accept your application. These essay tips may help you improve your college admission essay writing.

Admission Essays

Study Groups

College students will need to write many essays or essay style reports. Learning to learn from your friends in a study group makes essay writing easier and fun.Here's how to form a study group.

Study Skills Group

Topic Research

The first meeting is to clarify the assignment task so each member has the same understaning of the set task. Then the group decides how to share the topic research reading.

Study Group Meeting

Feedback Session

This is the feedback session where you discuss what you each discovered in the research reading. At the same meeting you use your study skills to help each other build the essay outline.

Your Essay Outline

First Draft

With all the information you created at the study skills group meeting you can now start writing your first draft essay. This needs to be personalized and made unique to avoid accidental plagiarism

Personalized Essay

Tweaking the Art

This page shows how to improve an essay presentation so it looks good and is easy to read. Receiving a 'reader friendly' assignment is what your tutor expects so if your work is unbalanced or untidy it may affect your grades.

Essay as Art

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